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An Introduction to WinSwim Software

Gary Wood is the founder of WinSwim Swimming Software. Wood currently working on business intelligence with Microsoft Corporation and formally a international development manager with Alltel Information Services, Inc. I have over 28 years experience in software management and design having developed some of the core mission critical banking applications used in financial institutions. Lately, been working with technologies creating Windows Phone and deriving business intelligence. Following is my introduction to WinSwim Swimming Software.

I have been working with this release of WinSwim for over a decade evolving the software to be more friendly to volunteer parents that provide the backbone for supporting recreational swim teams. Let me introduce WinSwim Swimming Software and give you some thoughts about software and how it can make teams more competitive.

Humble Beginnings

All endeavors have a beginning and I started WinSwim from software I created when my children were in summer swimming. My wife and I would literally spend hours preparing documents for swim meets and producing award labels. Being a parent of children that swim, a software engineer and one of these parent volunteer provided the catalyst needed for me to create WinSwim.

Over the years, I feel the need for swimming software to be innovative, easy to use while being inexpensive has become paramount. You will find a number of solutions for swimming meet management available, some are pricey wanting you to spend hundreds of dollars per year. Other vendors are wanting you to subscribe monthly for $100 to get a web presence you can get for free. Don't let software businessed get in your pocket!

The Future

For the future, I will continue to evolve the software toward cloud computing where the database can be shared to a number of people in the team without trading around the database. This combined with moving the software to a newer platform that can leverage tablet computing concepts.