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wp-SwimTeam is a WordPress plugin which makes the job of running a swim team a little easier by moving many tasks typically done by hand or with Excel to the web. WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform but it can do much more than that. When you combine WordPress with the wp-SwimTeam plugin, you have a platform which allows you to easily communicate with your team and simplify many of the tasks required to run a swim team.

Colorado Time Systems' equipment is widely used and specified at Championships and Finals worldwide. FINA, NCAA, Olympic Trials, and more have all selected CTS swim timing and scoring equipment for their events.

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition is a comprehensive development environment intended for individual developers to build solutions.

Crystal Reports is a reporting tool kit that helps you rapidly create flexible, feature-rich reports and integrate them into web and Windows applications.

From Development and Help Authoring Tools to Self-Service Solutions, ComponentOne products provide you with a smarter, simpler solution for all your software needs.


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