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Before purchasing download a trial version that provides all the features of the purchased version short of the ability to print and export reports. I encourage you to try the software first with a generous 60 day trial period.

Spring Pre-Season Software Sale  

Get the best deal ever with 60% off retail price and just a fraction of our competitors prices. Also, with the WinSwim 5 serial number you can unlock all the other software from WinSwim!

WinSwim 4 is discontinued from support and enhancements and provided for swim teams already using this version and not upgrading.

WinSwim Manager Pro - (3-8-2019) - $59.00
WinSwim Manager Pro - (6-11-2013) - $59.00
Workout Manager 2.10 - (3-3-2013) - $15.00
SDIF Checker 1.3 - (12-15-2015) - $15.00

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Refund Policy: Do not purchase this software unless you are 100% sure it meets your needs and you have downloaded the trial and used it! Absolutely, no refunds after 30 days from purchase.


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