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Exciting new workout software tailored for the coach or administrator of clinics or workouts.  So configurable that this workout manager can be used for swimming, rowing, track & field, yoga or any athletic workout. 


Workout 1.0 is FREE when you have a registered version of WinSwim 3.x.  The serial number and key code for WinSwim will unlock Workout 1.0 too!

  • Unlimited number of activities that can be swimming strokes or any other athletic activity

  • Unlimited number of circuits that are groupings of activities

  • Unlimited number of workouts from predefined circuits

  • Distance and time span of workout is automatically maintained

  • Athletes can be grouped into groups and subgroups

  • Athletes can be imported in a comma-delimited Excel-like text file

  • Athletes can be rated on each workout and attendance maintained

  • All parameters for defining activities, circuits, groups, type, sub-type ("stroke") and attendance types can be user-defined.  Basically, this workout software can be adapted for any sport.

  • Send custom messages by email or text messaging to workout participants

  • MET (Metabolic Equivalents) and Kcal (Kilo-calories) generated is automatically maintained by workout for each attendees.  See "Meaning of MET" for more information.

  • Kcal (Kilo-calories) can be adjusted by a user-defined percentage by setting a rating by attendee

  • Automatically adjusts Kcal calculations for weight of attendee in either pounds or kilos

  • Set a 0 to 5 Star rating to each attendee workout that can optionally be used to adjust the Kcal calculations

  • Keep a journal of notes by date for each athlete

  • Monthly calendar showing scheduled workouts by attendee

  • Integrated Crystal Report Viewer (Must install the "Workout Report Viewer")
    > See sample reports by clicking here

  • Stroke analysis reporting for Circuits and for athlete's showing percentage, distance and total time for workouts and per month.

  • Multiple attendance categories for "Not Set", "Present", "Excused", "Absent", etc... ("Can be user-defined")

  • Attendance reminders can be text messaged to cell phones Microsoft SMS Link.  Learn more about this exciting new technology by clicking here.

  • Send workout schedules to attendees using e-mail or SMS text messaging.

Screen Shots

Assign athletes to workouts and set attendance and ratings

Rating can be optionally used to factor into calculation of the Kcal
exerted during the workout.

Assign activities to circuits and automatically determine time span of the workout.

Send email or text messages to attendees of workouts

Create activities using grid or insert/edit
by selecting values in dialog

Set any number of type's of activities, strokes, distances, groups and sub groups.

Many integrated reports, etc...

View calendar by attendees



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