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Major Features

Full featured team and meet manager including all the features you need to manage your team and meets.  Includes ability to manage multiple teams, event lists and meets.  Can utilize the U.S. Swimming standard SDIF interchange files to interoperate meet entries and results between different swim teams and software packages.  Optionally, will support Colorado Time Dolphin timing consoles to capture event times directly into WinSwim.

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New Version 5 Highlights

Here is the list of new capabilities that are not in previous versions.

Drag and Drop from Member to Entries to Results in One Dialog

You can easily just drag and drop swimmers into events using the Explorer before or during the meet. They, automatically appear where you can then enter the the results during the meet.

  • Drag and drop swimmers into event or between events or heats
  • Create heats and relay teams
  • Assign lanes and laps by just pressing the # key
  • Enter results in an easy Excel-like interface

Best Medley Selection

You can easily triage the entire team and find the best combination of swimmers already assigned to medley stroke events. WinSwim searches for the swimmers in the meet that will make up the fastest medley relay team. Using these swimmers, WinSwim will look at every combination until it finds the quickest medley relay team. You then can view the selected team and decide to commit to create this best medley relay team. Cool, huh!

MS Excel Integration

Ability to easily export membership, entries and top times directly to Microsoft Excel

  • Modify and enhance membership roster in Excel
  • Add seed times easily to top times used for entries seeding
  • Edit the results directly when needed

Enhanced Seeding

Seeding can be set to assign lanes by a number of different options.

  • Assign by best seed time
  • Assign to only heat 1 or do not seed heat 1
  • Lanes can be reserver by team
  • Select the order of stokes to assign the fastest swimmer

List of Features

Just some of the features that you can find in WinSwim. I know, it is a long list and boring.

  • Selection of best medley relay team
  • Integration with MS-Excel
  • Results Explorer showing all entries, swimmers, events and team scoring on once dialog.   Allowing the operator to see and set status for each event; Unseeded, Seeded, Open, Scored, Placed and Done.
  • Combine results from two events; as example results from event 51 can be combined into event 1 or moved from event 51 into an empty event 2.  The results event number is changed and the heats are sequenced appropriately with time, place and points optionally zeroed or re-ranked and scored.
  • An enhanced seeding dialog that allowing automatic by time or dual seeding; or manual seeding where you set the heats and lane assignments.
  • Support for Colorado Timing System 6 Console & Dolphin Wireless Timing System
    - Fetch final or backup times from console
    - Get or update event labels describing events
    - Get or store events directly from WinSwim to the console
    - See article describing the timing interface
  • All text and menus are in Spanish, Portuguese and English
  • Integrated report designer so you can change reports
  • Manage multiple teams and meets in one software application
  • Easily drag and drop members to add to events. Can drag and drop entire relay teams between heats.
  • Import and export using SDIF v3.0 meet entries and results to and from Hy-tek
  • Enforce qualifying times for entrants and maximum number of entries by athlete
  • Calculate team points by event
    - Allows exhibition swimmers to not accumulate team points
    - Determine points by placing or by time
    - Average or assign maximum points for tied events
  • Supports USS timing standards for short course yard and short and long meter courses
  • Automatic or manual entry and seeding
  • Combined events for combined boys and girls allowed
  • Enter multiple times separated by commas and the average time is automatically calculated.
  • User-defined age brackets.
  • Automatic altitude time adjustments.
  • Keeps swimmers best times printed on the next meets deck cards.
  • Prints award labels and entry/cards for each event.
  • Multiple entry card formats for Avery™ 5388, 5389 and 8 x 11 letter.
  • Multiple ribbon label formats for Avery™ 5160 and 5267.
  • Contains a membership roster, best times, meet results for the entire season.
  • Calculates team points accumulated by swimmer & team for each meet.
  • Prints all reports to any printer.
  • Publish reports to multiple formats (HTML, MS-WORD, COMMA SEPARATED)
  • Add fields to Microsoft Access tables and they automatically reflect on forms.
  • Automatic meter/yards time conversions.
  • Internal error reporting directly back to WinSwim support.
  • Entries explorer with MS Windows Explorer look and feel.
  • Supports multiple languages in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Report Designer

The report designer allows you to modify the reports and is currently being BETA tested. This feature will allow more control of WinSwim reports allowing a more technical savy user the ability to tailor the reports.

  • Allow modification of existing reports
  • Ability to create new reports
  • Allow interface to easily change report & label menus to reports. ("Future Feature")
  • Allow modification of the pre-processing of report data. ("Future Feature")


The reporting allows for reports to be printed directly to any printer, exported to Excel or to disk files and directly to HTML.


Enter Results




Event Heat Seeding

Crystal Reports


Automatic creation of entries based on past performances

Manual creation  of entries by drag and drop swimmers into events



Print Ribbon Labels

Automatic Calculation of Meet Points



Set and Get Console
Event Labels

Receive Final or Backup Times
 from Console



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