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Technical Issues

This page is for describing some of the more technical architecture of WinSwim for the users that would like to customize the underlying reports, SDIF structures, MS Office Access tables and SQL statements used for controlling the application.


WinSwim is written specifically for a Microsoft Windows platform. If you are considering using the software for a Apple O/S, you might be able to use it under a virtual Windows OS running in VMWare Fusion for Mac. You can find more information at VMWare Site

Technology Used:

Visual Basic Components Needed

File Location Last Modified Size (bytes) Version
tdbg6.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 12/06/2000 8:59 AM 832448
MSFLXGRD.OCX \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 05/21/2000 11:00 PM 244416
comdlg32.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 05/21/2000 11:00 PM 140488
xarraydb.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 12/06/2000 8:59 AM 111552
msvbvm60.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 08/29/2002 4:00 AM 1388544
mschart.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 06/26/1998 3:22 AM 979728
grid32.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 06/26/1998 3:22 AM 94744
MSCAL.OCX \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 04/29/2002 10:47 AM 121160
tdbgpp.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 12/06/2000 8:59 AM 316344
MSSTDFMT.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 07/14/2000 11:00 PM 118784
vb5db.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 06/17/1998 11:00 PM 89360
mscomctl.ocx \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 06/06/2002 9:12 AM 1077344
scrrun.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 08/29/2002 4:00 AM 147483
vbSendMail.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 09/05/2003 8:11 PM 139264
msvcrt.dll \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (NT only) 08/29/2002 4:00 AM 323072 7.0.2600.1106

Reporting (Crystal Reports 8.5)

The reporting for WinSwim is based upon Crystal Reports. The installation program for Winswim will not overwrite existing Crystal Report files and if installed over another version will cause version confusion with Crystal Reports. Because of the architecture for Crystal Reports, another version of Crystal Reports on the computer will cause conflicts causing WinSmim reporting not to work.

Other software may install Crystal Report files in different folders than Winswim for both prior versions or newer versions. If any of these files are duplicated in \WINDOWS or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folders, they will cause conflicts if they are not at the same version levels. Crystal Reports only will support one version of Crystal Reports installed at a time on your computer.

To correct multiple version issues, you will need to rename or remove the files below from the computer manually with Windows Explorer and then reinstall Winswim to install the correct files for Crystal Reports 8.5. Be aware that other software using Crystal Reports may then not work with this version.

Required Runtime Files

The following files are required for all runtime configurations and Winswim installs the files in the locations below. Be aware that other software may install these files into other locations than specified below.

CRPE32.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Interface to the Crystal Report Engine
CRAXDDRT.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Database Objects
CRAXDRT.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Database Objects
CRDESIGNERCTRL.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Report Designer
CRPAIG80.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Repair DLL
PG32CONV.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Repair DLL -
SSCSDK80.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Charting Engine
CRXLAT32.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports ToWords DLL
CRPAIG80.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports text object support
EXLATE32.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Compression Library

The following files are required for accessing the database: (required)

P2BDAO.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Physical DataBase - Access
P2CTDAO.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Physical DataBase - Access
P2IRDAO.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Physical DataBase - Access
P2SMON.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Active Data Reporting
P2SODBC.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Physical DataBase - ODBC
P2SOLEDB.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Crystal Reports Physical DataBase - OLE

The following files are required for exporting data from reports: (optional)

U2DAPP.DLL \WINDOWS Application data source
U2FREC.DLL \WINDOWS Record format
U2FSEPV.DLL \WINDOWS Comma Separated Values format
U2FWORDW.DLL \WINDOWS Microsoft Word for Windows format
U2FXLS.DLL \WINDOWS Microsoft Excel format
U2FXML.DLL \WINDOWS Microsoft XML format

Crystal Reports (*.rpt)

The reports provided with WinSwim are located within the installation folder for WinSwim. This is typically called, "[drive]:\Program Files\GWS\WinSwim Meet Manager 3\1033". These files have the file extension of .rpt and are in the internal format used by Crystal Reports. By putting the file in the "[drive]:\Program Files\GWS\WinSwim Meet Manager 3" folder you can effectively override this file because WinSwim looks in the application folder for the language.xml and *.rpt files there first.

Controlling Reports (language.xml)

The report menus are controlled by the language.xml file contained in the "[drive]:\Program Files\GWS\WinSwim Meet Manager 3\1033" folder. This file contains the menu structure you see in WinSwim and the processing options invoked before the report is displayed. You can effect the reports displayed and the processing before the report is displayed by modifying this file.

You need to edit the 1033\language.xml file to add a new report. This file causes the report to show on the menus in Winswim and the <process> tag controls what tables are created before the report is evoked. The <Lists> is one of the report menu sections, <addlabe2> is the name of the file of the report without the ".rpt" extension; the <title> is the title on the menu; <process> is a preprocessing step to copy the meet data to a generic table name where all reports look at just 1 table. There’s a limit of 20 reports in each section.

  • Process = 1 : "Meetxxx_Events" is copied to "Events" where xxx is the meet number
  • Process = 2 : "Meetxxx" is copied to “Laneslips” where xxx is the meet number; "Meetxxx_Status" is copied to "MeetStatus"
  • Process = 3 : "Meetxxx" is copied to "Laneslips" where xxx is the meet number; records with Time = 0 and Place = 0 are deleted; "Meetxxx_Status" is copied to "MeetStatus"
  • Process = 4 : All "Meetxxx" that are completed are merged together into "Laneslips"
  • Process= 5 : If "MembersBest" are not present, an error is displayed


<title>Avery 5160 Parent Label</title>
<sql1 Error="Ignore">Insert SQL statement here</sql1>
<sql2 Error="Ignore">Insert SQL statement here</sql2>


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