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Release History

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Report designer not picking up the current open database

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Event headings in the Explorer not corectly aligning to events

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Import failed on non-numeric stroke number in D0 records

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Reports sort order for Events corrected

WinSwim and Release

  1. Bug: Standardize by removing "Lanes: x" and just use "x:" on tree controls
  2. Bug: Add a manifest file to reflect WinSwim needing administrator rights
  3. Bug: Try fixing strange behavior in the automatic updating with Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) where updated files are moved to a virtual cache where WinSwim can't see them.
  4. Enhancment: Extend evaluation period another 60 days when update is applied
  5. Enhancment: Add color to AgeGroup in Events to denote exact match of MinAge and MaxAge to AgeGroup

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Fix when creating automatic entries to load seed times for free relay events.
  2. Bug: Fix when creating automatic entries to create consistently same entry order.

WinSwim Release

  1. Enhancement: Event can now be alphanumeric.
  2. Enhancement: Can edit membership, top times, events and entries in MS-Excel.
  3. Enhancement: Clean line feeds and tab characters from fields exported and imported or during database repairs.
  4. Bug: Fix when creating automatic entries to load seed times for free relay events.

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Clean CRLF from data exported and imported or during database repairs.

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Top Times would not rebuild using last seasons top times and threw error.

WinSwim Release

  1. Enhancement: Provide ablity to export entries directly to MS-Excel and import back when in the Explorer

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Sending critical errors to WinSwim was fixed
  2. Enhancement: Provide more details in the error logging file winswim.log

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: WinswimMedleyClass.dll and WinswimSeedClass.dll not registered correctly on launching causing error in seeding and in picking the medley relay team
  2. Bug: Unregistered software after 60 days would not allow chance to enter serial number
  3. Bug: Upgrade from 4.x to 5.x not going to correct web page
  4. Enhancement: Added a Dive Certification field in membership to denote swimmers that have completed dive certification

WinSwim Release

  1. Bug: Unregistered software after 60 days would not allow chance to enter serial number

WinSwim Release

  1. Enhancement: Import and Export .CSV format
  2. Enhancement: Integration with MS Excel

WinSwim Release

  1. Enhancement: Selection of best medley relay team
  2. Enhancement: Seeding logic has been rewritten
  3. Enhancement: Combined the entry and results explorers together
  4. Enhancement: Removed graphs
  5. Enhancement: Removed athlete browser
  6. Enhancement: Removed event status
  7. Enhancement: Expanded size of relay team from 50 characters to 150 characters

WinSwim 4.3.0 Release

  1. Bug: Fix issue where relay team greater than 50 characters caused failure
  2. Bug: Resolve issue where dll"s were not being registered if unregistered
  3. Enhancement: Provide backward compatibility where v5 license will work with v4
  4. Enhancement: Fix autoupdate to work with newer releases launcher

WinSwim 4.2.9 Release

  1. Bug: Seed time in entries from Best Times was inaccurately calculated
  2. Enhancement: Splash screen added
  3. Enhancement: Read and create .CL2 entries files
  4. Enhancement: Allow full editing of Top Times when updating option is enabled

WinSwim 4.2.8 Release

  1. Bug: Expand size of some database fields causing failures (Warning: Will require database schema update.)
  2. Bug: Correct a few defects causing error dialogs
  3. Enhancement: Increase size of the teams dialog
  4. Enhancement: Simplify the registration dialog
  5. Enhancement: Enhanced automatic software update with progress bar and TOU agreement

WinSwim 4.2.7 Release

  1. Enhancement: Support import and export of EV3 files
  2. Enhancement: Remove graphs and athlete browser
  3. Enhancement: Add automatic software update

WinSwim 4.2.6 Release

  1. Bug: Fix AgeGroup mismatch showing error for MinAge and MaxAge
  2. Bug: Fix "Add" context menu not showing in Team dialog
  3. Bug: Fix "Delete" in the events dialog not working
  4. Enhancement: Add ability to select specific teams to import from SDIF entries files
  5. Enhancement: Add "View->Show All Events" to the entries dialog
  6. Enhancement: Add "View->Show Only Active Team" to the members and entries dialog
  7. Enhancement: Add support for both Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 & Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 data providers
  8. Enhancement: Verify works without error on Windows 7 64-bit OS

WinSwim Workout Manager 2.0

  1. Convert application to use Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.5
  2. Support installation on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS
  3. Embed the Crystal Reports within the application

WinSwim 4.2.5 Release

  1. Bug: Fix "Add" context menu not showing in Team dialog
  2. Bug: Fix a few unhandled errors
  3. Enhancement: Restrict to only 32-bit OS versions of Windows

WinSwim 4.2.4 Release

  1. Enhancement: add option on export format of E0 seed time to export dialog
  2. Enhancement: add ability to import Hy-Tek .EV3 files

WinSwim 4.2.3 Release

  1. Enhancement: add ability to use ctrl-c in membership and results explorer to copy/paste blocks to clipboard
  2. Enhancement: add option to seeding to only seed heat 1
  3. Bug: entries explorer didn't hightlight inactive swimmers correctly when double clicking a event to hightlight swimmers available for event
  4. Bug: meetID not set to correct meetID in table used by Crystal Reports

WinSwim 4.2.2 Release

  1. Bug: vertical column-separator lines are missing from timer report
  2. Bug: eventlist.rpt doesn't list anything in the "Heats" column
  3. Bug: heatshet4.rpt doesn't show relay assignments for each swimmer, only for entire relay team as a single group.
  4. Bug: Freestyle Relay swimmer ordering does not work correctly
  5. Bug: Dragged swimmers are displayed using their internal WinSwim ID numbers instead of their public Swimmer ID numbers
  6. Bug: Relay results are ignored on import
  7. Bug: Relay Team Lap Order control is grayed out unless the “Choose best relay” box is checked

WinSwim 4.2 Release

  1. Bug: Include blank entries in EVERY empty lane in timer sheets.
  2. Bug: Relay seed times can get multiplied by 4 when importing meet entries.
  3. Bug: When displaying meet entries for not-yet-seeded swimmers, individuals with no seed times are listed first.
  4. Bug: Seeding does not always run from inside lanes outward.
  5. Bug: Slower swimmers from a given team can be seeded into better lanes than their faster teammates in the same heat.
  6. Bug: Relay entries are given seed times of 0:00.00. For both free and medley relays, no aggregate times are displayed in the entries tree, but the SDIF entries always contain seed times of “0:00.00” and a course code when they should be blank or (better yet) include the actual aggregate seed time of that relay team.
  7. Bug: Some events are wrongly listed as Unseeded.
  8. Bug: The “Minimum lanes per heat” value in the Seeding Options panel doesn’t “stick”.
  9. Bug: Allow blank two-letter LSC values instead of forcing them to “ZZ”.
  10. Bug: Add Team Code attribute and use that value instead of making up a team code from the first 4 letters of the team name. T
  11. Bug: Team’s final D3 record is in wrong place in results file.
  12. Bug: Team’s final E0 and F0 records are in wrong place in results file.
  13. Enhancement: Display relay teams as one entry instead of 4 in heat sheet reports.
  14. Enhancement: Display relays better in timer sheet reports.
  15. Enhancement: Use a “Find Best Relay” feature when automatically creating Medley Relay event entries.
  16. Enhancement: Allow a different algorithm for specifying the order of swimmers within freestyle relay teams such as (2-4-3-1 is a common choice, for example).
  17. Enhancement: Add the word “Event” in front of event numbers in reports.
  18. Enhancement: Add the word “Event” in front of event numbers in the Events, Entries and Explorer trees.
  19. Enhancement: Allow importing and exporting directly from the Entries and Explorer windows.
  20. Enhancement: Add “Enter Swimmers”, “Seed Meet” and “Verify Assignments” buttons to the Entries window.
  21. Enhancement: Allow the Entry and Explorer trees to list events in numeric event order.
  22. Enhancement: Preserve meet title case in Entries and Explorer trees.
  23. Enhancement: In Explorer, change wording of Session title bar.
  24. Enhancement: In Explorer, change wording of Event title bar. 
  25. Enhancement: In Explorer, change wording of Heat title bar.
  26. Enhancement: Add the ability to read meet entry .zip files produced by Team Manager, and extract heat and lane assignments from the .HY3 file.
  27. Enhancement: Add the ability to export meet results in a format acceptable to Team Manager.

WinSwim 4.0 Release

  • Allow for a reserved heat (set to heat 1) where seeding will bypass entries already assigned to heat 1.
  • New option in dual meet seeding to fill empty reserved lanes to fill heats.
  • Allow lane selection to include heat ==0 and lane == 0 to unassign swimmers
  • Relay teams are pre-seeded when entries automatically created to put best swimmers into relay team A
  • Set seed time for relay entries to be the individual best for the particular stroke
  • Display the combined seed times of the entire relay team in manual entries to help determine best combination of swimmers for each relay team.
  • Heat 1 in manual entries is automatically created for ease of use
  • Order of swimmers in Defaults directory location for creation of new databases can be changed so you have custom locations for different types of databases.
  • New verify report is on the Meet menu to allow for a quick verification that entries are valid and ready to be sent to the host team for seeding
  • Add MaxTotalHeats and MaxReservedHeats to the AgeGroup table so you can set a maximum number of heats a swimmer in an agegroup can participate before showing an error on the verify report.
  • User interface how entries is displayed is changed in the manual entries screen to be "1 - LastName, FirstName ("TeamName") MM:SS.mm".

WinSwim 3.4.14 Start Pre-Season Changes

  • Fixed issue with team delete not deleting.
  • Fixed issue with null error on adding new members when not supplying LastName or FirstName.
  • Fixed minor error in SDIF export when no relay events.
  • Limit members status in the results to just the selected teams in the meet.

SDIF Checker v2.21951 Check a Bit Closer

  • WinSwim serial number and key code will now activate
  • Added ALPHA check for valid alphabetic, numbers and space for fields designated as ALPHA
  • Added the M3 for mandatory field that must not be spaces or Hy-Tek Meet Manager will reject import

WinSwim 3.4.13 Swimmers Entries Status

  • Added highlighting to members included and available for entries when clicking an event node
  • Change error reporting for new SMTP information necessary to send error report
  • Change the icons in the entries and results explorers to be better looking and smoother
  • Make correction to seeding algorithm for relays and dual seeding logic
  • Change setup to overwrite Crystal Reports that may have been previously installed
  • Add support in language.xml file for supplemental SQL commands executed before report is evoked
  • Removed evaluation restrictions on time installed and removed restrictions on evaluating timing console support. The only evaluation restriction is on ability to design, export and print reports.
  • Fix losing or corrupted lane or lap assignments when drag & drop swimmers between events
  • Add maximum individual and relay events per swimmer to options entries tab used for the swimmers entries status
  • Add ability to include/exclude using last season's top times when rebuilding top times for current season
  • Yards to Meters conversion to create top times was not correct in 3.4.12 and was corrected. Included new conversion tables. You must import the 'conversion.txt' file to get the new calculations.
  • Color code the rebuild top times dialog to show included in green and excluded meets in red
  • Sort the Athlete Browser tree by swimmers name and change the presentation order
  • Add new DQ reason codes that can be assigned to DQ results, added to analysis reports and provided a DQ Reason Code report that can be given to judges. You must import the 'DQCode.txt' file to get the DQ reason descriptions.
  • Enhance the manual entries drag and drop features
    • Drag and drop relay teams within same event to different heats
    • Intelligent drop of new members to assign lane and available lap
    • Press key 1-9 when on a name or relay team to assign lane
    • Press number to assign lap for relays or Ctrl and number to assign lane
    • When dragging swimmer into relay team will place in first available lap not already filled
  • Add new option to labels to exclude No Place (NP)
  • Correct issue with creating E0/F0 SDIF entries with invalid relay team letters
  • Add missing decimal to scored dialog and fix scoring bug in dialog when Status==DONE
  • Add support for Colorado Time Dolphin Wireless Timing System.
  • click here for larger image

  • Add new swimmers entries status grid into the results explorer. You can now view how many entries each swimmer as in the meet by individual and relay events. This is embedded into the Explorer where you can use the View menu to toggle back and forth from entering results and viewing the swimmers & meet status (see below).
  • click here for larger image

WinSwim Report Designer Version 1.00 BETA

  • 6/20/2008 - V1.00 Released the BETA of the report designer. Please report any issues not posted below to WinSwim Support. Be specific and provide any reproduction steps necessary to cause the defect.
    • Known Issue #1: WinSwim will hang when the report viewer and designer are both used during a WinSwim session. This is due to a known issue of MS DAO360.DLL hanging because it is not thread safe.
    • Known Issue #2: Adding a new report is not automatically added to the WinSwim report menus.

WinSwim 3.4.12 Custom Reports & Support DAO & OLE

  • Fixed a problem with Meet Event Times (3.4.11)
  • Preparation for supporting DAO and OLE database access for custom reports. Modified to support up to 20 reports per reporting section, "List", "Pre-Meet", "Post-Meet", "Analysis" and "Custom".
  • Search the application folder for reports before searching the language folders (\1033) for reports (*.rpt) files.
  • Modify Jet OLEDB:Transaction Commit Mode to Synchronously flush modified pages in the transaction to disk.
  • Correct problems in the Yard<->Meters conversion and replaced the Conversion.txt and AltitudeAdjustment.txt files used to drive the conversions.
  • Correct SDIF export of E0 Relay Event record to zero fill EventAge.

WinSwim 3.4.11 Meet Event Times

  • Provided new report with time of each event.
  • Added Time to the meet status so you can setup what time of day each event is going to be and have a report posted for scheduling
  • The time along with date can be specified for meet start and end date.

WinSwim 3.4.10 Only Active Members Are Included

  • All reports have been modified to only print for athletes in the roster that have Active==True. If you change the swimmer to Active==False they will be excluded from ALL reports & labels.
  • New report added for T-Shirt sales and ordering
  • Update Membership Roster report to be single line report
  • If a swimmers Active == False, then the swimmer will be excluded from entries and will not show on meet results if aleady in entries
  • Removed the phone number mask
  • Changed software to be dependant back to Microsoft XML 3.0 services to provide better compatibility for older versions of MS Windows. This dependency, if needed, can be downloaded from Microsoft at Microsoft 3.0 XML Services (SP5)
  • Provide a printer setup dialog before printing reports for selection other than the default printer
  • Allow IDNumber to be editable when USA registration is not used
  • Speed up the opening of databases; just a bit
  • Fix for creation of entries where maximum number is specified

WinSwim 3.4.9 Saving Last Season Top Times

  • When starting new season, last years top times can be optionally saved to use as the initial seed times.
  • Allow the editing of the last season top times using a toggle when viewing the Top Times
  • Fix a problem with unable to delete meets from meet dialog
  • Import of SDIF LSC registration pyramid is supported for initial creation of athlete registration

SDIF Checker 2.0 New Version

  • New version of the SDIF checker written with the latest Microsoft VS2005.
  • Numerous enhancements with great features for registered users to print, export to Access or Excel

WinSwim 3.4.6 Enhanced Explorer & Seeding

  • The Explorer allows you to enter the meet results. The new explorer is enhanced with 2 new features showing a "status" for each event and "scoring".  The status shows the event status as; Unseeded, Seeded, Scored, Placed and Done.  This allows the person entering results to know the status of each event and when completed to lock the event data by setting the event to "Done".  The "team scores" will show a list of the teams participating in the meet and the total score and rank for each team.
  • More color coding on Explorer showing errors, such as, placed entries without times will make row red to bring attention to inconsistencies.
  • Correct import and licensing issues that manifest in non-US locales.
  • An enhanced seeding dialog that allows you to either automatically seed an event or set events for manual seeding where you set the heats and lane assignments.

    (Click above to see larger image)
  • Combine results from two events; as example results from event 51 can be combined into event 1 or moved from event 51 into an empty event 2.  The results event number is changed and the heats are sequenced appropriately with time, place and points optionally zeroed or re-ranked and scored.

WinSwim 3.4.5 Seed Times Bug Release

  • The seed time was not being added to the new entries that are manually added with drag/drop operations.  Added update to seed times as part of updating the meet event descriptions when you exit the Entries dialog.
  • Added "name" to view as part of the "Top Times" window when you are looking at entire teams.
  • Ability to drag and drop database (*.mdb) to WinSwim will open database.
  • Correction to Auto Place to ignore heat when placing events.
  • WinSwim will minimize into the Windows System Tray.
  • Correction to export and import relay seed times to SDIF SD3 files.
  • Modified point calculations for new option to assign the points consecutively, by place or by fastest time.
  • Review meets included in rebuild of top times dialog allows you to see which meets will be used to create the top time for meet seed times.

WinSwim 3.4.4 Point Enhancement Release

  • Enhanced the High Point report to show total points by swimmer for post season awards to the swimmer with the highest points.
  • Modified point calculation to allow maximum places that points can be accumulated by team by event.
  • Allows importation of SDIF (SD3, CL2, HY3) files that are Linux formatted text files that have line feeds (LF) separating lines instead of the normal Windows format using carriage return line feeds (CRLF).

WinSwim 3.4.3 Post Solstice :) Release

  • Allow using the CTRL key to put swimmers with different age's or sex into any event in the manual entries.
  • Show swimmers in coaches analysis reports that have times or placed.

WinSwim 3.4.2 Summer Solstice Release

  • Added new Judges & Timer Assignment reports, finishjudge.rpt & laneassign.rpt
  • Added new Manual Score Sheet report and updated Actual Score Sheet, scoresheet.rpt
  • Changed the sort order on the Heatshet3.rpt by lap and put “Lap 1 – Back”, etc…
  • Fixed software to give an error if you attempt to import a SDIF file created in Linux where each record does not end with a carriage return line feed (CRLF)
  • Fix the time entry where if using unformatted embedded zeros (0) not formatted will be stored correctly
  • New heats defaults now to 1 instead of 0
  • Change order of drop down for selecting place to be NP, 1st, 2nd, 3rd….etc… DQ for more easy data entry
  • Press F2 or context menu to select “Rename” to change the label of the relay team name
  • Delete all team members from roster conditionally deletes from meet results
  • Added new Calibri and Cambria fonts

WinSwim 3.4.1 Import Fix Release

  • Fix so that import of SDIF files will not create duplicate roster entries.
  • Repeated import fixed so to "merge" and replace existing entries instead of duplicating entry.

WinSwim 3.4.0 Vista Release

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Vista.
  • Store swimmers time classes associated with best time achieved.
  • Athlete Results Browser.

WinSwim 3.3.9 SDIF Release

  • Modifications to better support SDIF SD3 file import and exports.
  • Import and Export Dialog Enhanced.
  • This update allows swimmers to be assigned to a relay team
  • Showing the assign to lap or alternate for relays
  • Updated automatic meet seeding for relays
  • Team points can be fractionally split with a number of enhanced options
  • Cosmetics have been enhanced with backgrounds can be stretched and new icons
  • Enhanced support for the USA Swimming SDIF file importing and exporting data into WinSwim

WinSwim 3.3.8 Relays Release

  • Corrected the relay point calculations for teams that tie a place.
  • Added relay support for SDIF import and export SD3 files.
    - Fixed problems with relays imported as individual events.
  • Added a relay deck card with all swimmers together.
  • Changed the explorer view icons.
  • Stretched backgrounds

WinSwim 3.3.6 Relays Release

  • Relays are better supported with ability to pick a relay team and set the lane and lap per swimmer.
  • Points can be split across the relay team.
  • Updated reports to include lane & lap for relay events.

WinSwim 3.10 Beta Release

  • Upgraded the Crystal Reports to the 8.5 version with a new report viewer.
  • Merged the deck cards and ribbon labels into a single report viewer.

WinSwim 2.53 and 3.0RC13 Update

  • Reported problem with MSVCRT.DLL included in the MS MDAC 2.7 was removed from the installation causing Windows 98 O/S corruption.
  • Included a resizer in the entries explorer allowing for resizing the event tree.
  • Added ability to include multiple teams in entries creation (3.0RC13 only).
  • Corrected Add Swimmer to entries logic causing entries to be excluded.

WinSwim 2.52 & 3.0RC12 Update

  • New error reporting dialog (like MS Watson) to report errors directly back to WinSwim support.

  • Tree explorer for navigation of meet entries and results. 
    See the attached v3.0RC12 picture for more information.

  • Corrected logic in the "Add swimmers..." dialog for adding new entries to an existing meet.

  • Add ability to delete entire events from an existing set of meet entries

Click image above to see larger image.

SDIF Checker 1.2.2 Update

  • Modifications to correct invalid error on D0 records in column 116 when final time has value instead of valid time.

  • Registration modification.

WinSwim 2.50 Update

  • Changes to improve some reports from customer requests.

  • Enhanced seeding with ability to over-ride the seeding times during seeding.

  • Reports are displayed tabular, by Lists, Meets and Analysis reports foe easier usage.

  • Disabled grid columns are grayed out so it's easy to .

  • Menu structure is similar to v3.0.

  • New Meet Wizard allowing for step-by-step guide through a meet.

    Click image above to see larger image.

WinSwim 2.48 Release

  • Redistributed as a single installation including WinSwim application, documentation, Visual Basic SP5 needed files, Crystal Reports 6.0, MS MDAC 2.7 and MS Jet 4.0 SP5 for Access 2000.

  • Improved seed tagging capability.

  • New reports.

WinSwim 2.05 Support Files

  • Microsoft MSCal.ocx calendar control updated to work without getting a run-time error for Windows XP.

WinSwim 2.47 Release

Feature List

  • Include a new Conversion table that allows for a conversion factor and seconds to have sophisticated meter to/from yard conversion factors.  Follows the method used by the Colorado Swimming.

  • Altitude time adjustments can be made for events that are held at high altitudes.

  • Rebuilding best times will persist the Participate (Active) flag so that when you rebuild the best times the strokes that swimmers were set not to participate will stay the same instead of being reset the membership default.

  • Tighter edits on numeric fields in grid controls.

Installation Steps

Just run the self extracting zip program and it will extract and update the files in the default installation directory. Make sure and change the installation directory if you chose another during installation of the normal release.

This update will only work when applied to then v2.46 release!

WinSwim Future Ideas

  • U.S. Swimming SDIF Import & Export capabilities. (See SDIFv3F.PDF for more information.)

  • Exhibition swimmers are supported.

  • Fractional point totaling by stroke and place.

  • Making the graphic charts look better and may add another.  Any ideas?

  • Allow for U.S. swimming rankings and importation of U.S. standard swim standard times.

  • Modify conversion factors to follow 2000 NCAA Championship standards.

  • What do you think?  Email me .

WinSwim 2.46 Released

This is the last major change to the software for the 2001 summer season - I hope!

  • Ribbon labels and deck cards are now controlled by the "ribbon.ini" & "deckcard.ini" file that contains all the report filenames, descriptions.

  • A new ribbon label is available that has a fill in the blank for times and places.  This can be used to print labels and have the times and places entered manually.

  • Minor corrections to the display of the "organization", "registration" and the "type" default tables as to the display of the type field.

  • Enhanced error handling in the seeding process so that faults in the lane preferences are automatically corrected.

  • Seeding will now allow the order to be either fastest or slower swimmers first in heat order.

  • Swimmer birthday is now optional.

  • Results page fields displayed is user definable.

  • Best Times Report Print button isn't grayed out now.

If you are using a release v2.45 and just need the updated files.  Or, I sometimes update v2.65 with some little tweeks and put it in this location.

Added features/fixes since 2.46 initial release date:

  • Created 2 new reports showing the coaches analysis in event order and 2-up columns for less paper.

  • Many report modifications to enhance consistency and allow to be put in a binder with a left hand border.

  • Added a couple of new coaches analysis reports, one is 2-up in event order.

  • Allow for resizing of the Crystal Reports window.

  • Put a warning in the seeding if you seed someone into the 0 lane - oops, you shouldn't do that!

  • Missing ribbon.ini file from installation.

  • Correction to allow meets to be either in yard or meters measure.

Installation Steps

Just run the self extracting zip program and it will extract and update the files in the default installation directory. Make sure and change the installation directory if you chose another during installation of the normal release.

WinSwim 2.45 Final Release

Final release contains everything in the pre-release with the addition of more enhancements to merging teams for dual championship meets.

  • Merged teams for championship meets allow for you to see the other team merged within the best times.  This allows for you to change the participation of each swimmer at the event level.

  • Corrupted databases not have the ability to re-create corrupted tables and allows you to open the database even with bad data so you can attempt to correct the problems instead of aborting the open.

  • The Heat Sheet report now is structured so you have a pre-meet report sorted by heat with all swimmers and a post meet Heat Sheet with only swimmers that have times.

  • Winswim remembers the all window dimensions including if a child window was maximized and remembers.

  • Crystal Reports is now controlled by the "reports.ini" file that contains all the report filenames, descriptions and gives some control on how much data the report will display (advanced feature ).

  • See below for more enhancements...

WinSwim 2.45 Pre - Release

The pre-release contains a considerable amount of enhancements to the reporting, user interface, seeding logic and meet process. 

  • Winswim allows for the adding and deleting of swimmers from meet results without the need to re-seed the meet. 

  • Events for swimmers are now selected using the minimum and maximum age matching to the swimmers age instead of the age group field specified within the membership. 

  • The ribbon labels can now be sorted and there are both 2 & 3-up ribbon labels available. 

  • The tagging of particular results has been expanded so you can tag by age group, event or stroke for printing ribbons during the meet as you enter the results. 

  • Some of the error handling and descriptions on messages and forms have been enhanced. 

  • New registration scheme using serial number and key code for registered users. 

  • Sorting for data viewed has changed in some cases for better usability. 

  • Rebuilding best times is made in the order of the meets start date.

Installation Steps

Just run the self extracting zip program and it will extract and update the files in the default installation directory. Make sure and change the installation directory if you chose another during installation of the normal release. There are query changes to the Access 2000 database that will be made when you open your team database using this release. You should backup the database file your using prior to installing this software to another location. 

If you have any problems, before contacting support@winswim.com make sure that the "File | Preferences..." checkbox for "Rebuild queries when opening database" is checked and that you "File | Rebuild Best Times...".

WinSwim 2.44 Release

  • Reviewed all the reports and updated and enhanced. 

  • Setup two types of print layouts for ribbon labels using Avery 5267(4-up) and Avery 5160 (3-up).  Allow a sort order for the ribbons and to have them printed for different sex.

  • Enhancement to allow for swimmers to be seeded in events in different age groups instead of being restricted to age group specified in the swimmers roster.

  • Corrected error in tagging an event in entering results.

  • Enhanced coaches report to be sorted and grouped by age group.

  • Modified the seeding logic for heat and lane selection.

  • Changing of the "Active" flag for the member to inactive will inactivate the members event eligibility.

WinSwim 2.43 Release

  • Corrected problems locating ranks table for coaches and report card Crystal Reports. 

  • Enhancements to allow swimmer seeding inclusion and exclusions for strokes.

  • Corrected error in seeding logic causing application to fail in some instances.

  • Meet results are sorted in dialogs same as deck cards.

  • Enhanced the display capabilities for entering swimmers into the membership to highlight inconsistencies with ages, birthdays and age groups in red .

  • Added option to keep record times in either of meters or yard times.

WinSwim 2.42 Release

  • Enhancements to allow the best time and meets results to be stored in either meter or yard times.  Removed the requirement that all times be converted to yard times.

Support Files Updated 2.03 Release

  • Installation problems for Access 2000 (DAO 3.6) necessary for database support failed on Windows 95 computers using the 2.01 support files.  A few OLE DLL's were outdated on the older operating systems needed for successful installation.

WinSwim 2.41 Release

  • Minor modification to results window to put event number back into the grid control.

WinSwim 2.41 Beta

  • Database verification to assure an error free database.

  • Will not open older Access 97 databases.

  • Minor error corrections.

WinSwim 2.40 Beta

  • Support for MS Access 2000 databases.

  • Enhanced graphic charts to have an age breakdown.

  • Requires new "WSUPP200.EXE" support files containing Crystal Reports modification and MS DAO 3.6 for Access 2000.

WinSwim 2.35

  • Supports USS Swimming (old and new format), Australian, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa ID Number formats.

  • Supports championship meets allowing importing members of other teams to create lane slips, enter results and print ribbon labels.

  • Inactivate roster swimmers from particular events and strokes.

  • Automatic lane and heat seeding.

  • New fields in membership for "dues owed/paid", "t-shirt sizes" and "notes".

  • Custom sorts for deck card printing.

  • Multiple deck card formats for Avery™ 5388, 5389 and Letter.

  • Automatic database compression.

  • All database schema and some SQL is in a ASCII text "winswim.ddl" file.

  • Initial data is provided in a "defaults\" directory.

  • Internationalization of some of the demographic fields.

  • All default tables are editable.

  • Graphic charts are available for best times, meets and age group comparisons.

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